What-you-see-is-what-you-get online editing (WYSIWYG) of Adobe InDesign® documents for use in network-based publishing systems.

In recent years, requirements in the publishing market have increased dramatically. Networked applications are becoming more and more important and they are also necessary because of the high cost pressure. Communication times need to be shortened, communication channels need to be condensed. One of the key points is integrating the employees – often “layout, typo and repro workers” – into the production processes. Appropriate technologies are needed for this because document formats are set by de facto standards such as Adobe InDesign.

With iXedit, we provide an innovative and high-performance editor that enables you to edit Adobe InDesign files directly – without formatting issues, following rules defined in the layout. The technology can be integrated into various browser-based or native publishing and web-to-print systems.


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Interactive WYSIWYG editor for native Adobe InDesign files without formatting issues



Extensive editing possibilities for texts, images and tables as well as layout modifications


Versatile integration for modern browser or RichClient applications


Based on the iXentric® Server-manager to control Adobe InDesign Server


Text editing with paragraph and character formats in real time

Story editor for editing concatenated text frames

Moving and scaling with automatic positioning aid

Level control and arrangement of elements

Clearly arranged previews – for multi-page documents as well

Variant editing in split-screen mode (via publiXone variation)

Spell check in several languages and snippet support

QR code generation for URL, Vcard, W-LAN, etc.

Switchable function panels for frames, levels, content and progress

Rule-based frame editing of text, images and tables

Annotation and comments (via publiXone annotation)

Masking change for images and rotation

Page navigator with cut-away view for navigation

Slide, scroll and dynamic control of the view quality

Change tracking at the frame level (via publiXone version)

Display of the editable elements

QR Code Generator

The QR code function enables generation of QR codes directly in document editing. You will be asked to enter the necessary information, which will depend on the code type selected.

iXcontrol® for Adobe® InDesign

This InDesign extension enables you to declare precisely the editable areas within your layouts. Frame rules and behaviours precisely define the desired modification options. This lets you keep control of your layouts at all times.

iXentric® – The InDesign Server-Manager

With iXentric, we provide a unique server manager that takes over the central control of Adobe InDesign Server instances. The dynamic load distribution and outage control are always ready, as is a detailed log of the system activities. iXentric also forms the basis for our iXedit and iXcopy editors.


iXedit is available as an option for our marketing management solution publiXone, or as a technology for “self-installation” in separate applications. iXedit uses iXentric for server-side control of Adobe InDesign servers.

Licensing is combined with iXentric for instances or in SaaS for sessions.


Konzept-iX received the coveted and unique award for the innovative and platform-independent integration and control of Adobe InDesign servers.

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