Scalable Control of Adobe® InDesign® Servers With MultiInstance and MultiServer support as well as dynamic load distribution and automatic outage control.

Adobe InDesign has already been the de facto standard in desktop publishing for several years. The system has matured over the years now offers an extensive range of functions and enjoys great popularity in the various segments of the publishing industry. Adobe provides a separate server version, the Adobe InDesign Server, for automatic processes and network-side control. This is based on the same basic technology and offers various interfaces for integration.

We have developed iXentric for efficient control of one or more InDesign servers. The system provides a centralised communication interface and automatically controls all connected InDesign Server instances. Rendering jobs are dynamically distributed according to priority and availability. The loads are automatically compensated and faults are bypassed.

The standard API allows direct control of page generation. Corporate design rules guarantee a uniform brand appearance and they protect your documents from unwanted changes.


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Centralised control of various Adobe InDesign Server instances


Automatic load distribution and outage control with comprehensive logging


Cross-platform support for Windows and Macintosh servers


Direct control via API or integrated in standard software


The graphical user interface allows configuration of the system setup and instances, as well as comprehensive monitoring of the current system status.


Central management for Adobe InDesign Server

Automatic restart of instances

Display of instance-dependent capacity utilisation levels

Graphical user interface for configuration and monitoring

Detailed logging of all rendering operations

Prioritisation of rendering jobs

Multi-Instance and Multi-Server support

Add new instances during operation

Mixed-mode operation of single- and multi-instance licences

API for direct control and automation tasks

Support for Mac and Windows systems

Dynamic load distribution and automatic outage control

iXedit® for Adobe® InDesign Server

We created the online editor iXedit, based on iXentric. This allows direct and WYSIWYG editing of Adobe InDesign files within your browser or rich client.

iXcontrol® for Adobe® InDesign

This InDesign extension enables you to declare precisely the editable areas within your layouts. Frame rules and behaviours precisely define the desired modification options. This lets you keep control of your layouts at all times.

iXcopy® for Adobe® InDesign Server

iXcopy also takes advantage of the strengths in iXentric. The offline editor allows you to edit the content of your InDesign files on your desktop without the need for Adobe InDesign.


iXentric is available as an option for our marketing management solution, publiXone, or as a technology that can be integrated into your own applications.

Licensing is performed depending on the InDesign Server instances and it can be scaled as desired.


Konzept-iX received the coveted and unique award for the innovative and platform-independent integration and control of Adobe InDesign servers.

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