Software made in Münsterland

Since it was founded in 1996, our company has been developing and integrating software solutions to organise and streamline processes within print and media prepress as well as in marketing. We have achieved an excellent market position and established our solutions across Europe with our pioneering spirit and our evangelism. Proof of this can be seen in hundreds of installations with countless users.

Our team at our company headquarters in Saerbeck in Westphalia brings all of their knowledge and passion to bear on creating solutions that will give you the competitive edge you need today.

We deliver innovative, unrivalled concepts in the areas of web-to-print, marketing management, print-/marketing-on-demand as well as file management and synchronisation. A very important part of the process for us is continuously developing our products and precisely adapting them to our users’ needs.

Customer base & sales

In addition to service providers in print, media and the press, many customers in the areas of commerce, the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, finance or pharmaceuticals use our software solutions.

Konzept-iX distributes its software solutions and services across Europe and walks its customers through the entire process, from the initial analysis to implementation and regular operations, and we make sure you have technical support, of course.

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Holger Schmidt
Marketing & Sales

As Managing Director and co-founder, the trained information technician has spent years developing into an established consultant and expert in the field. Many innovative applications have become a reality thanks to his efforts.

Dipl.-Ing. Heiko Günzel
Technology & Helpdesk

Responsible for technology and the help desk, Heiko Günzel is also responsible as Managing Partner and co-founder since the company was founded in 1996.

Monika Jockisch
Administration & Sales

A staff ID number of three marks Monika Jockisch as a Konzept-iX veteran. She is familiar with all of our processes and interconnections and is responsible for commercial administration.

  Cloud Services

We have been running our software solutions in our own data centre for ten years. In addition to modern and extensive SaaS services, many of our customers have positioned their systems here and run them with their own software licences. The data centre meets the highest demands for security and availability.

Buy, lease or rent

The choice is yours. Let us know your financing needs and we will gladly work out a customised financing programme for you.