The Power of Pageflex in a Desktop Application

Pageflex Persona Cross Media Suite gives you the power to create personalized cross media campaigns using the award-winning variable data capability of Pageflex on your desktop. For example, you can develop a marketing campaign that includes:

  • Personalized direct mail
    A personalized postcard or flyer to introduce your product or offer to a database of customers.
  • Customized booklets and catalogs
    A personalized booklet can describe the products that are of interest to your customers, with the image, text and even the page count varying based on each customer’s specific interest.
  • Personalized HTML Email
    A follow-up email can remind the customer of your offer, re-using the same text and images as the print pieces to enhance brand recognition.
Makes Personalization Simple

Pageflex Persona is an easy entry point for anyone getting started in personalized communications, with powerful features not found in any other desktop variable data solution. The main component of Pageflex Persona is Pageflex Studio, a standalone page layout application with a designer-friendly interface and the ability to produce documents in more than 60 languages. You can either work directly within Pageflex Studio, or you can use the plug-in for Adobe InDesign® or the XTension for QuarkXPress® to convert files to the Pageflex Studio format.

Your database for personalization can be as simple as a comma-separated-value file (CSV), a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet, or a Microsoft Access® database, or as complex as a multi-table relational database. Once the data has been selected, creating the “if-then-else” business rules to change text and images on-the-fly is easily done through a point-and-click interface.

With Pageflex Persona, you work within a project, which means that style and design conventions and business rules can be re-purposed across multiple files and templates. For example, you can combine a customer’s direct mail postcard, newsletter, email and catalog in one project. Design elements and business rules only have to be created once, and can then be applied to each piece – saving you time and ensuring that the results will be consistent.


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Key Benefits

Unlimited degree of document customization

Eliminates the need for graphic designers to tweak designs before printing

Supports a wide variety of databases

Produce both print and HTML files with one project

Reduces the number of templates that need to be managed

Easy-to-use design-friendly tool

Special features for booklets, including automatic page insertion

Project-based workflow for maximum efficiency

Pageflex Personas Cross Media Suite

Flexible Templates for Demanding Designs

Pageflex Persona can dramatically reduce the number of templates your graphic designer needs to design, tweak, and manage. It offers an array of powerful customization features that format and adjust each data-driven document as it is produced, including:

  • Copyfitting Rules – Control the size of the font, the leading, the scaling, and the tracking of text.
  • Flex – Unique Pageflex-patented technology that allows elements such as text boxes and image boxes to automatically move and resize relative to each other based on the quantity of variable content.
  • Special Variable Types – Easily support different font styles, image changes, and multiple languages within a single template.
  • Long Document Support – Use page inserts, master pages, and filler pages to produce variable length booklets while maintaining the appropriate signature count for printing and binding.
Advanced Capabilities

Although Pageflex Persona Cross Media Suite is easy to use, it includes a number of features for the power user. Variables can be created using either Jscript or VBScript, saving time and expanding the complexity of the projects you can offer your customers. Many Pageflex customers make use of content source plugins, which support specific “types” of variables such as bar codes, QR codes, or personalized images.

A unique capability called document actions allows you to create a script that can assess the entire document before or after variables are applied to make global changes. For example, with a document action you can assess and re-distribute white space, or change fonts throughout an entire document.

Wide Selection of Output Options

All standard offset and digital output formats are supported, as well as HTML for email. You can impose a job, batch the records, and interact with a PPD to support device-specific features. You even can produce pre-printed shells and the variable data that will print on them in the same project file without any programming.

Seamless Migration

When you are ready to let customers order VDP projects online, your Pageflex Persona projects will migrate seamlessly into server-based Pageflex workflows. Pageflex Persona stands alone in giving you an easy entry point to personalized marketing that will continue to support your needs and your customers needs as your business evolves.

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