An extension for Adobe InDesign, iXcontrol allows you to prepare documents for our editing technologies: iXedit and iXcopy. The extension allows you to assign editable areas and behaviours to the desired frame. Frame rules often need to be applied to the whole document. If this is the case, iXcontrol can automatically parametrise an entire document for you.

The settings distinguish between text and picture frames as well as tables. These can be assigned corporate rules to define whether frames can be edited, moved, scaled or deleted, for example. Dynamic components can also be configured so that frames react to frames, for example, or so that page sizes can be automatically adjusted.

The extension is available free of charge. The current version for CC2015/CC2017 can be installed directly from the Adobe add-on store: Deutsche Version | English Version

Extensive settings are available for text, images and tables. These define the objects for editing and ensure that the corporate design guidelines are followed.

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