Server-Based License for VDP Web-to-Print E-Commerce Commercial & Corporate Marketplaces

Web-to-Print Made Easy

Pageflex Storefront is a powerful application for offering online sites so that customers can select, customize, and order all types of products and documents. White label your web-to-print sites to look and function in a way that best fits the needs of your clients. With Pageflex Storefront you can expand your market, gain new business, support your clients, and achieve greater levels of operating efficiency.


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Key Benefits

Open architecture development environment to build, deploy, and manage multi-tenant web-to-print marketplaces.

Enterprise architecture supports clustering, failover and load balancing.

Pageflex Studio Dynamic Content Templates provide rules-based, variable data (VDP) for a multitude of applications including the personalization of books, labels, packaging, collateral, direct mail, and so much more.

Total control over user access and workflow.

Catalog support for a wide range of products, including print, kits, HTML, and fulfillment items.

Out-of-the-box ease of use and sophisticated customization through APIs.

Once you develop the look and feel of your site, you can then stock it with a variety of items that can be customized by your end user, including printed products and marketing materials, as well as non-print items like mugs and pens. With the optional Campaign Manager module, you even can include crossmedia campaigns in your site so that your customers can select, customize and order a complete marketing campaign – print, email and personalized URLS (pURLs) – directly from Pageflex Storefront.

Unlimited Flexible Documents

Customizable products can be created using the Pageflex NuDoc composition engine, or can be designed directly within the industry-standard Adobe InDesign. With our patented “flex” technology you can support extensive changes in content while maintaining the design and branding intent.

Many of your clients will want to control how their users can view and customize documents. Pageflex Storefront meets that goal beautifully, so that you can give your clients the exact mix of creativity and control over the document creation process that they require. Customization modules allow you to fine tune the online experience to meet the needs of each one of your customers. You can easily lock down required branding elements such as logos and colors while allowing only certain sections of a document to be customized for a particular use. The end result gives users the power of personalization while guaranteeing that the results will adhere to corporate standards.

Pageflex customization options range from highlycontrolled documents that limit and define what sort of changes a user can make, to options for real-time interactive online design. You can incorporate wizard-like workflows and control so that document personalization is automated based on the user identity and privileges. You can build highly-conditional workflows to only present options that are relevant based on a previous user selection or on the user profile, ensuring that your customers will be happy with the results.

Total Control Over Users and Workflow

Pageflex Storefront includes a comprehensive and flexible e-commerce workflow, with support for multiple payment options, including purchase orders, budgets, cost centers, discount codes, and integrations with secure credit card payment gateways. Your users can select their preferred shipping method and even split up their order; and you can automatically add handling charges, sales tax, and VAT.

The site language, look and feel, and e-commerce workflow, including payment and currency options, canbe easily specified for different users so that a single site can meet the requirements of a global audience. Ten different languages are included out-of-the-box and you can easily add your own translations for other languages. Multi-level approval workflows, automated e-mail notification, and simple re-ordering are all a standard part of the Pageflex Storefront workflow.

Extend the Power with Integrations

Pageflex Storefront can be seamlessly integrated with other systems, including digital asset management (DAM) systems, contact relationship management (CRM) systems, .CSV files, print production workflow systems, MIS systems, and more. Open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow you to customize and extend Pageflex Storefront to meet your needs and your customers’ needs.

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