Effective Multi-Channel Marketing

Marketers today know that the power of marketing means creating a message that speaks directly to your target audience and delivering that message in a way that cuts through the noise using a variety of communication channels. Pageflex Campaign Manager gives you greater reach into your market by delivering a message written just for them in a medium that speaks to them directly.

It gives you everything you need to produce coordinated campaigns that combine print, email and personalized URLs (pURLs) so that you can effectively communicate with your audience. Once your message has been delivered, Pageflex Campaign Manager’s powerful reporting lets you and your campaign stakeholders track the results of the campaign in real time. You can use this valuable response data to develop future campaigns with an even more targeted message so that you can generate even higher response rates.


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Key Benefits

Rapidly create and launch crossmedia marketing campaigns

Analyze the results through real-time web-based tracking

Easily generate single- and multi-page forms and surveys

Conduct add-a-friend viral campaigns

Sell your campaign services through Pageflex Storefront

One Technology, Flexible Campaigns

With Pageflex Campaign Manager you can:

Create One-to-One Print
Use what you know about your campaign recipient to create data-driven postcards, newsletters or even booklets with images and text automatically incorporated based on what you know about the recipient

Deliver Personalized E-mail Campaigns
A personalized e-mail can precede the print piece, can be used as a follow-up, or can be sent on its own. There is no limit to how many e-mails can be sent within a campaign. Messages can announce a seminar, a special offer or discount, or can promote your news; the possibilities are only limited by your own marketing ingenuity.

Offer pURLs
Print and e-mail communications can include a pURL to further capture your customers’ attention and drive more responses. The pURL takes the recipient to a unique website generated by Pageflex Campaign Manager with a message specifically targeted to that particular recipient.

Build Forms and Surveys
Campaign Manager includes an easy-to-use wizard to create forms and surveys that will yield valuable feedback from your prospects, such as product interest, purchasing intentions, and satisfaction levels.

Define Conditional Workflows
When you need more than a simple campaign, Pageflex Campaign Manager enables you to develop campaigns with conditional workflows, where the choices made on one web page automatically trigger specific follow-up pages, emails, or the generation of a customized PDF or print piece. For example, a recipient who wants to sign up for a seminar will see a different web page than a recipient who can’t attend the seminar but would like to receive further information by email.

Analyze through Real-Time Reports
Provide detailed online tracking reports to your clients in real time as recipients are responding to a campaign. Use this valuable information to measure ROI, justify marketing investments, and learn more about the recipients so that your next campaign can be even more targeted.

Sell Your Cross-Media Campaigns within Pageflex Storefront

Pageflex Storefront is used by marketing service providers and corporations to create online document management sites where people can order a range of items, including campaigns created with Pageflex Campaign Manager. You build the structure of the campaign, and place it in the Pageflex Storefront online catalog. Your customers can select the campaign, customize the content, and select or upload a database of recipients. They even can schedule when the campaign goes out, and track their results from the Pageflex Storefront website.
Together, Pageflex Storefront and Pageflex Campaign Manager make it easier to sell cross media campaigns to your clients, while giving your business a new line of revenue.

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