The platform-neutral tool for local editing of Adobe InDesign® layout files for creation, translation and proofreading.

In the age of complex software systems, it is important to make accommodations for the needs of less experienced users. Publishing processes in particular require a great deal of know-how in the handling of data and applications. However, the direct involvement of product managers is needed to achieve the desired cost-reducing degree of optimisation. Modern web-to-print applications provide valuable services in this regard, but it is assumed that they will be used in online mode. Depending on your geographic location or particular situation, such as when working on the train, this may not necessarily be possible – or even desired at all.

iXcopy closes this gap and allows you to edit the content of Adobe InDesign files without using Adobe InDesign. Product managers responsible for content as well as translators and proofreaders can easily edit documents without knowing the basics of the layout or typography. However, this is only on the basis of the corporate design rules anchored in the layout. This guarantees a consistent brand image and protects the document against unwanted changes.


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Local editing of InDesign files without Adobe InDesign for desktop publishing


Extensive editing possibilities for texts and tables without formatting issues


Clearly arranged tree and split-screen display with document preview


Based on the iXentric® Server-manager to control Adobe InDesign Server


The intuitive interface for Windows and Macintosh allows for structured editing of the individual text frames or table contents. You can navigate within the document tree or directly in the layout view.


Unique offline editing of Adobe InDesign files for Mac and Windows

Rule-based frame editing of text and table contents

Editing for versions in split-screen mode (via publiXone variation)

Text editing with paragraph and character formats in real time

Edit view can be switched between vertical and horizontal

Mark edited frames with status and tracking display

Hierarchical display of the document tree by pages and elements

Scalable preview of the respective pages in a separate window

XML export/import of the document contents, for translation memory systems, for example

Display of the original text in split-screen mode

Direct frame selection from within the preview or the document tree

Easy navigation in the document tree or in the preview

Split-screen mode

As a copywriter, proofreader, product manager or translator, you always have a view of the original text using the split-screen display, which can be set horizontally or vertically. In combination with the publiXone “Variation” and “Version” modules, you will see your master text – including the changes – in plain text.

iXcontrol® for Adobe InDesign

This InDesign extension enables you to declare precisely the editable areas within your layouts. Frame rules and behaviours precisely define the desired modification options. This lets you keep control of your layouts at all times.

iXentric® – The InDesign Server-Manager

With iXentric, we provide a unique server manager that takes over the central control of Adobe InDesign Server instances. The dynamic load distribution and outage control are always ready, as is a detailed log of the system activities. iXentric also forms the basis for our iXedit and iXcopy editors.


iXedit is available as an option for our marketing management solution publiXone, or as a technology for “self-installation” in separate applications. iXedit uses iXentric for server-side control of Adobe InDesign servers.

Licensing is combined with iXentric for instances or in SaaS for sessions.


Konzept-iX received the coveted and unique award for the innovative and platform-independent integration and control of Adobe InDesign servers.

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