The modern media production and collaboration platform.

The universal software solution can complete a multitude of tasks related to document creation and modification, coordination and proofreading as well as data management for all types of media and articles. publiXone serves various applications from the areas of asset, brand and product management, web-to-print, shop and translations.

All processes are displayed transparently and networked by the system, simplifying them considerably. Faster processes, high transparency and a drastic reduction of communication are the result, as is savings on software purchases as well as maintenance expenses on the part of the user. publiXone works on established network technologies and industry standards, client- and browser-based as well as an app for mobile users.


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Manage your data and all data types: Images and text, layouts and building blocks including multimedia content


Organise and control your production processes with transparent integration of web, mobile and desktop applications


Dynamic collaboration of users and groups with efficient coordination of your work processes and timing


Modern on- and off-line editing based on established publishing standards with CD-compliant multi-channel output

Desktop, Web & Mobile

Different applications require different tools. It is comprehensive and efficient for administrators and power users, easy to use for normal users and handy and mobile for travellers. publiXone® offers something for everyone.

The publiXone client is your central work tool and is also used for management, administration and configuration of the system. The interface has been intentionally designed as an application in order to provide administrators and power users in particular with the most efficient tool possible.

The application runs on PC and Mac and it is updated automatically as needed. Installation is not necessary, simply load and start.


Files – your digital values

publiXone manages all types of data and ensures that they are accessible and that they can be found and used from any location. Detailed previews and effective indexing are helpful in this process. In addition, files can be versioned or annotated, automatically converted or controlled using variants. Files in publiXone are in good hands.

Reliable and efficient production

Your projects are organised in a hierarchical structure and you always have the current status in view thanks to the various analysis options. The clearly defined on- and off-line editing options are based on established publishing technologies and allow for the efficient integration of users, even if they are not in the profession. Sophisticated tools ensure that all work done on the web or desktop falls exclusively within the framework of the given corporate design guidelines.

Success through teamwork

In a workflow, you get to determine exactly who needs to do what when, and to whom tasks can be delegated. You are free to model the individual work steps and sequences as you like. Configure individual users and groupings, or let the system perform automatic steps like creating prepress files or distributing them. Notices, memos and reminders ensure that nothing falls behind schedule. publiXone keeps an eye on it for you.

Effective creation and editing of documents

Adobe InDesign for creative layout requirements, CHILI Publisher for innovative online editing, or PAGEFLEX for high-performance applications with a high degree of automation. publiXone leaves the choice to you.

Adobe InDesign has been the de facto standard in desktop publishing for years. We have developed innovative online and offline editor technologies that enable you to process InDesign templates with a high level of process reliability and compliant with your corporate design. These technologies use the Adobe InDesign Server and guarantee that your InDesign files are processed smoothly without formatting issues. Unambiguous rules define the editing options, so layout specialists and non-typographers can also make their changes directly in the document.

Innovation Prize

The independent jury of renowned experts awards the Initiative Mittelstand IT Innovation Prize to publiXone®.


Konzept-iX received the coveted and unique award for the innovative and platform-independent integration and control of Adobe InDesign servers.


Powerful client for Mac and Windows without installation

Integrated asset management for all file types

Integration of PDF, Adobe, PAGEFLEX and Chili document technology

Integrated annotation tools for many file types

Intuitive web interfaces that can be customised for production, shop and mobile

Comprehensive product information and image management

On and offline editing for Adobe InDesign files without formatting issues

Long-term archiving and retrieval functions

Modern apps for Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

Dynamic workflow system with free modelling

Automatic versioning of files for a high level of process transparency

Integration of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Autocad, Word, Excel, etc.

Multi-tenant, modular system for on-demand scaling

System for pre-profiling and assigning permissions and roles

Module for the active control of language variants with layout inheritance

Various plug-in interfaces for function expansion

Modularised for your needs

Different modules provide a configuration that is tailored to your needs. Modules such as hierarchical user administration, comprehensive asset management and innovative workflow management and modelling are already included in the standard package. Additional modules are also ready for use:

Innovative integration of local applications

Any local desktop application such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or Office can be integrated transparently into the production processes. Records of the activities allow for a meaningful log of the file’s life cycle. In addition, you can position files using drag-and-drop and use light-boxes to create virtual collections. In addition to the indexing for projects, calendars make a clear presentation of your projects and workflows possible.

Individual yet standard

Your wishes can be fulfilled. A comprehensive interface package allows for data exchange and individual features based on the standard software. A large number of extension and plug-in interfaces as well as different APIs (programming interfaces) are available for this purpose. publiXone is especially cooperative.


All editions can be installed on a separate server or used as a SaaS solution in our data centre.

  Corporate Edition

The „Corporate Edition“ is available for all-sized companies or agencies. Various modules can be individually added to this so it can grow with your needs. This edition can also be supplemented with the leading publishing technologies as well as on- and offline editors: for Adobe InDesign, Pageflex or Chili.

   Service Provider Edition

The „Service Provider Edition“ is available for service providers in the fields of print and media. The licensing is multi-tenant so that customer data can be kept neatly separated from one another. This edition also support the leading publishing technologies from Adobe, Pageflex and Chili. And it can be equipped with different modules. As Required.

Learn more about them in our Blog (DE).

   Render Service Edition

The licensing allows transparent use of publiXone-supported publishing servers, Adobe InDesign Server and Pageflex in third-party applications such as shop systems, asset managers or other publishing systems. Additionally it integrates extensive functionalities for content-, template- and product-management. Using the integrated API, all services can be implemented customized and precisly.

Learn more about them in our Blog (DE).


Licensing is per client with the required number of users. Various functions/modules can be added to each client. The use of various document technologies can also be added as required. All licenses are available as a subscription or a SaaS solution.

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