Bring Dynamic Power to Your Document Composition

Pageflex® Server is a robust variable data (VDP) composition engine that can be plugged into any web-based or offline workflow. At its core, Pageflex Server offers unparalleled design control with powerful graphic design features created specifically for variable publishing. You can produce rich, creative, award-winning document designs (print and HTML) that look like they were given the individual attention of a graphic designer but were, in reality, created on-the-fly with Pageflex technology.

As a flexible and scalable platform, Pageflex Server can be used in many different ways:

  • As the backend VDP engine within a corporate, ASP, or SaaS web-to-print site that you develop yourself;
  • Offline for dynamic publishing of data-driven personalized print or HTML;
  • Embedded into a comprehensive workflow with other products, such as with a CRM, digital asset management, e-commerce, or production automation system.
Flexible and Modular Composition

The flexible modules offered by Pageflex give you a solution that grows as your business increases and as your needs change. Simply choose the features you need today, and start producing results immediately. You can add on new modules and additional power over time and have confidence in Pageflex Server’s ability to scale as you take on more business. With the Pageflex template-based workflow, you decide which elements in a document need to remain static and locked down, and which can change and how they can change. Everything from a line of text to the size of the page or the number of pages in a document can be modified dynamically.

Our patented “flex” technology and advanced copyfitting options allow you and your customers to make extensive changes in a document while still maintaining the original design intent. For example, you can allow a user to select from three to six images for an advertisement or flyer. The position and size of the images will automatically move on the page, adjusting their size to fit, and the text will reflow depending on which images are chosen. All dynamic positioning is governed by rules set by the graphic designer when the template is first created.


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Key Benefits

Build and integrate into other products and web portals

Modular and flexible to meet changing business needs

Unlimited document customization within total branding control

Robust architecture

Scalable for maximum performance, with built-in clustering, loadbalancing and failover

You choose the document customization module(s) best suited to your users’ needs. Your users can:

  • Edit or add content, such as text and images, through a web form
  • Personalize the content by selecting or uploading a database (e.g. a simple commaseparated- value file (.CSV) from Microsoft® Excel®), or accessing data coming from a CRM system or a third-party data provider (e.g. any ODBC-compliant database such as Oracle® or Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Work interactively within the document to effectively “design” online

Document customization options can be used separately, can be combined, and can incorporate third-party applications so that you can meet the needs of even your most demanding clients.
Pageflex Server uses either NuDocTM, a mature and robust XML-based composition engine developed by Pageflex, or
uses Adobe InDesign Server as a composition engine. You can use them separately, or you can combine them in a single workflow that’s totally transparent to your users. You can start with one and later add the other. With either composition engine you benefit from Pageflex’s unique flex technology, the ability to produce documents in dozens of global languages, and Pageflex Server’s robust architecture.

Easily Scalable Architecture

Pageflex Server is an enterprise-level application that runs on Microsoft Windows®. It provides the mission critical infrastructure you need to run a 24 x 7, lights-out production business.
You can configure Pageflex Server to run using any number of servers, depending on how many projects, pages and users you need to support. Adding additional capacity is extremely quick and easy. New servers simply become available as soon as they are licensed and added. There is no need to restart server clusters or schedule downtime just because you need more power.
Pageflex Server uses a queue-based design for load balancing. Each queue can be dedicated to a particular type of task. For example, you can dedicate one queue to providing almost immediate digital previews for your customers to view and approve online, while you dedicate another queue to running an intensive 100,000-record, full-color, database personalization project.
Automatic failover and backup servers keep your system running unattended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no single point of failure. Centralized desktop and administrative tools, logging features, and automated email or SMS messages let you assess the health and performance of the system in real time.

The possibilities of what you can produce dynamically with Pageflex Server are truly almost limitless.

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