iXentric® FAQ

Thank you for your interest in our server manager for Adobe InDesign Server. A list of frequently asked questions can be found below. Please select the desired category.

Which InDesign Server versions are supported?
iXentric not only supports CS6, but all CC versions as well. Because of the high demand for CS6 support, we will try to maintain it for as long as possible.

Which operating systems does iXentric run on?
On Windows Server and Mac. Please note the system requirements.

Is there an interface or does the configuration take place in the files?
iXentric provides a Windows and Mac interface. This is used for configuration and monitoring purposes. However, depending on the operating conditions it might be necessary to apply configuration files at some times.

What is the iXentric server service?
It is a Windows service that takes care of starting, stopping, and restoring the individual InDesign server instances.

Are the document edits logged by the system?
Yes. The individual sessions are recorded by the system and saved in log files.

Is it possible to get an “individual” demo?
Of course. Contact us and we will be happy to set an appointment.

The document preparation will be implemented with the extension iXcontrol for Adobe InDesign. Frequently asked questions and corresponding answers can be found here iXcontrol FAQ.

Is control of multiple InDesign server instances supported?
Yes. These can also be added dynamically.

How does dynamic load distribution work?
This is practically our secret recipe. But this much can be said: It works with a special algorithm which, based on various parameters, distributes the rendering requirements to the different instances.

Is outage control possible?
Yes. If an instance is not available, it will be excluded from the control. Whether an instance is available or not depends on various test routines.

Can instances be restarted individually?
Yes. For example, a restart is executed automatically when an instance does not respond.

How is the prioritisation handled?
This is part of the dynamic load distribution. Users waiting for a preview (for example, a Web-to-Print shop) are given a high priority whilst documents that “no one is waiting for”, for example, are given a lower one, etc.

Is training needed to administer the system?
We think so. The system is quite extensive. Therefore, it is useful to invest 1-2 days in introductory training.

Where does the training take place?
We will gladly conduct training at our premises. It is no problem for us. You won’t have any colleagues popping their head in the door and saying “Could you possibly just…” However, we know that there are also good reasons to conduct training at the customer’s location. We are flexible.

How is iXentric licensed?
iXentric is available as an option for our marketing management solution, publiXone, or as a technology that can be integrated into your own applications. Licensing is performed depending on the InDesign Server instances and it can be scaled as desired.


For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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